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Zodiac Signs and Health

Zodiac Signs and Health

The thought of astrology immediately brings out the monthly or daily horoscope in most people’s mind. Almost every one love to read wisdom tidbits published in the entertainment magazines which foretell our monetary situation, love compatibility and also our future.


Astrology possesses great wellness purpose historically. Most of the doctors earlier make use of this astrology to detect the probability of developing various serious illnesses. Iatromathematics or Medical astrology is one among the longest intellectual traditions that dates back to medicine field itself. The great Philosopher, Hippocrates once stated that no physician can call themselves as physician unless they possess astrology knowledge.


These days, medical world carries lot of influence from astrology. There are researches that carry the evidence that the birth season have significant impact on health. This correlation was confirmed in more than 200 research studies which include a mega study conducted in 2003 in which more than 86 million birth was analyzed from all parts of the world. There are studies that depict winter born people’s increased risk towards schizophrenia when compared to that of warmer born individuals.


As this research on the association between season and health continues, the clear fact is that medical astrology can bring out greater understanding into the health and risk towards disease.


Let’s see the health chart of individual zodiac sign




This sign takes care of bones in the body especially knees. Capricorn born people are determined and ambitious which may also end up with stubbornness resulting in weakened joints and tender bones.




Aquarius rules legs and arms along with the capacity to move around generally. The nerve impulses and circulation of Aquarians is taken care by Uranus. If they don’t give adequate time to relax and breathe, astrologists predict that they may be subjected to increased allergic conditions, asthma, varicose veins, swollen limbs, heart problems and arthritis.




The complete nervous system and its reflexes are governed by Pisces. As they are idealistic, they are at the high risk of disappointments. If there is an overwhelming disappointment, they may end up in foot problems (like bunions and corns) along with weak immune system resulting in greater risk towards various diseases.




The brain, head along with their ailments are governed by Aries. They over think about things leading to jaw grinding, tooth issues, headaches and may also result in facial blemishes.




The throat, lower jaw and production of insulin is governed by Taurus. If Taurus is strong, it may lead to fine teeth and good hearing but still there is a chance for flues and colds. If Taurus is weak, it may result in tonsillitis, stiff necks, thyroid conditions, throat infections and also ear infections during times when the act stubborn or more worried.




Mercury rules Gemini which in turn governs dual parts of the body like legs and arms along with respiratory system. Both weak and strong Gemini may attract common cold. Weak Gemini also invites tendonitis, cough and flu.




Crabs are associated with the digestive system and stomach and hence they are emotionally charged and highly intuitive. When Cancer people try to control their feelings and keep up their pain or anger, moon may influence resulting in acid-reflux diseases, intestinal maladies and indigestion.




The blood and heart is governed by Leo. They are more confident and authoritative naturally. If this quality gets disturbed, they may face lethargy, heart ailments and back problems.




Virgo controls the intake of food and its associated organs like intestines and stomach. They keep themselves rushed through things with one-track mind always. If they don’t have sufficient relaxation time to compensate their busy life, they may face food allergies, constipation and ulcer.




Food processing and excretion system is governed by Libra. Libra is controlled by Venus which takes care of bladder functions and kidney. They live on the pleasure of receiving and giving, which when exceed may result in excretory issues.




Scorpios are intense naturally and if they are over drive with obsession or jealous or if they are occupied with negativity, Pluto may generate havoc in their hormones and reproductive systems. Other issues include diabetes, bladder infections and irregular and/or painful menstruation.




Jupiter rules Sagittarius which governs eyesight, liver, hips and thighs. They are highly prone to health issues like detoxification issues, spinal disorders and impaired vision.


Medical astrology lives only through theories whereas most of the people do not fall completely under their zodiac sign. Irrespective of the time of birth, it is always good to eat healthy, exercise regularly and have well balanced and happy lives which in turn end up in best health.