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Zodiac Signs in Hindi | Sun Signs in Hindi

Zodiac Sign in Hindi

The Rashi is moon’s sign which was placed during the birth time. It is also known as Moon sign. According to Vedic Astrology (Vedic Jyotish), the moonsign is amongst the most significant points while selecting the name of the baby. Considerations like planetary dasha, transits, etc. are considered in reference to Rashi.


In some sections of India, mainly in the northern part of India, names of baby are kept on the birth Rashi. 12 different birth Rashis are there.


Mentioned below is all Hindu Rashis list, its suggested name letters and zodiac signs for each.


Rashi Suggested letters
Mesha (Aries) A, L, E, I, O
Vrishabha (Taurus) B, V, U, W
Mithun (Gemini) K, CHH, GH, Q, C
Karka (Cancer) DD, H
Simha / Sinh (Leo) M, TT
Kanya (Vigro) P, TTHH
Tula (Libra) R, T
Vruschika (Scorpius) N, Y
Dhanu (Sagittarius) BH, F, DH
Makar (Capricorn) KH, J
Kumbha (Aquarius) G, S, Sh
Meena (Pisces) D, CH, Z, TH