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Polarity and the Four Elements of Zodiac Signs

Polarity and the Four Elements

Empedocles is one of the most important philosophers in the 5th century BC during Greek civilization who provided important details about the Fire, earth along with the water to the users. According to the theory, love along with the rife creates an important influence on the elements governing the lives of the people. Elements play a very important role in understanding the impact of the zodiac signs on the life of the person.  Mixing the elements and their presence impacts the behavior of the person completely in a different way. As per the thinking of the Empedocles, people who followed the balance prescribed by the Polarity and the four elements ranked higher in the matters of intelligence.


Signs have different meanings and they correspond to different elements without any hiccups.  Fire along with the Air signs are more extroverts and would go a long way in delivering exemplary results. Similarly Earth along with the water signs represents entirely different behavior to the people.  They imply negative sentiments which can also be feminine within a given time frame.


With the passage of time, many more classifications have come into the picture and some of the famous astrologers have created their own natal charts in the style so that they are able to create a deep impact on the people. Balance of the element could be expressed with the help of the fire as well as the angles.

Polarity Element Symbol Keywords Signs


Fire Alchemy fire symbol.svg Enthusiasm; drive to express self; faith Aries; Leo; Sagittarius
Air Alchemy air symbol.svg Communication; socialization; conceptualization Gemini; Libra; Aquarius


Earth Alchemy earth symbol.svg Practicality; caution; material world Taurus; Virgo; Capricorn
Water Alchemy water symbol.svg Emotion; empathy; sensitivity Cancer; Scorpio; Pisces