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Indian Astrology - Zodiac Signs and Elements

Indian Astrology

Importance of the Indian astrology is manifested in the form of elements such as the air along with the water and the air that would go a long way in creating a deep seated impact on the people.  Fire is invoked by the planet mars and Saturn is the catalyst of air is an amazing manner. Similarly Venus which corresponds to water is one of the most famous planets in the Indian astrology.


The astrology of ancient Jyotish is the prelude to the twelve signs which play a very important role in creating an instant impact on the users.  Relation of the majority of the signs is a very important component and creates instant impact on the users.


Sidereal astrology is different from the Hellenistic astrology which is dependent on the Greek concepts assimilated from the Babylonian science. 


Nakshatras are considered to be the lunar mansions high up in the sky which creates a huge impression on the people and impact their lives as well as behavior.

No Sanskrit Sanskrit Transliteration Sanskrit Western Greek Gloss Tattva Quality Ruling Planet
1 मेष Meṣa ram Aries Κριός ram Tejas (Fire) Cara (Movable) Mars
2 वृषभ Vṛṣabha bull Taurus Ταῦρος bull Prithivi (Earth) Sthira (Fixed) Venus
3 मिथुन Mithuna twins Gemini Δίδυμοι twins Vayu (Air) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury
4 कर्कट Karkaṭa crab Cancer Καρκίνος crab Jala (Water) Cara (Movable) Moon
5 सिंह Siṃha lion Leo Λέων lion Tejas (Fire) Sthira (Fixed) Sun
6 कन्या Kanyā girl Virgo Παρθένος virgin Prithivi (Earth) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury
7 तुला Tulā balance Libra Ζυγός balance Vayu (Air) Cara (Movable) Venus
8 वृश्चिक Vṛścika scorpion Scorpio Σκoρπιός scorpion Jala (Water) Sthira (Fixed) Mars
9 धनुष Dhanus bow Sagittarius Τοξότης archer Tejas (Fire) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Jupiter
10 मकर Makara sea-monster Capricorn Αἰγόκερως goat-horned Prithivi (Earth) Cara (Movable) Saturn
11 कुम्भ Kumbha pitcher Aquarius Ὑδροχόος water-pourer Vayu (Air) Sthira (Fixed) Saturn
12 मीन Mīna fish Pisces Ἰχθεῖς fish Jala (Water) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Jupiter