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What are the Characteristics and Qualities of Zodiac Signs

What are the Characteristics and Qualities of Zodiac Signs

There are twelve zodiac signs as per English Calendar which is derived from the position of Sun in a particular zodiac during the specified period. But in Indian context, the same varies since the zodiac is determined on the basis of the position of Moon during a specified period. Here are some of the characteristics of individuals based on their Sun signs:

Aries: spontaneous, fun loving and initiative based, dynamic and sincere. However, these are flawed by demanding nature and egoism which tend to outshine the positive attributes.

Taurus: Characteristics of Star Signs is friendly, strong will power, strong instincts and patient persons. they are flawed by comfort loving people, greedy and lazy

Gemini: these people are born intellectuals, quick grasping nature and talkative, knowledgeable people. These are flawed by indecisive and two faced character, gossiping and changing mentality.

Cancer: empathy, motherhood, sacrificing nature are Qualities of Zodiac Signs also the people in this zodiac tend to get emotional easily and tend to get very protective about their loved ones.

Leo: People with this sign are noble, generous, and self-confident while they are simultaneously flawed with characteristics like intolerant and egoistic nature.

Virgo: brave, sincere, spontaneous, adventurous and childlike enthusiasm is Characteristics of Star Signs with Virgo.

The negative aspects include rushing into conclusions, demanding in nature and over reacting to minute things

Libra: freedom loving, dynamic and known for balance and justice. Tend to react to unjustice and inability to contain imbalanced life style is a major drawback.

Scorpio: Power for intuition and perception and equally strong in holding grudges and doubtfulness

Sagittarius: Creative people but are equally dogmatic

Capricorn: Trustworthy and patient but are pessimists and stubborn

Aquarius: visionary and progressive by nature but restless and rebellious at the same time is the Qualities of Zodiac Signs Aquarius


Pisces: compassionate and sensitive but lack in self-confidence and will power