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How to Choose Fragrance For You As Per Your Zodiac Sign

How to Choose Fragrance For You As Per Your Zodiac Sign

According to Ritu Kapoor, expert in Tarot and Feng-Shui, there are different perfumes for Zodiac Signs. When people wear perfumes as per their Zodiac signs, they get multiple positive effects as astrological factors tend to work in their favour then. Here are the details:


The best suited perfumes for this sign are fragrances of rose, angelica, mild cinnamon, sandalwood, benzoin, soft lavender and other spicy and oriental fragrances. Musk, pepper and myrrh impress them a lot.


Many fragrances suit this Zodiac sign. They are earthy fragrances, floral scents, rose, amber, jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, grapefruit, vetiver, oakmoss, geranium and neroli give enough positive vibes to men and women of Taurus.


Violet, angelica, gardenia, amber, leather, tuberose, sandalwood, oak-moss, jasmine, coriander, vetiver, nutmeg, common balm, coriander and narcissus help Geminis to be calm and creative.


Mild fragrances with a classic, feminine touch are what suit these people the best. Magnolia, honey, jasmine, Tahitian vanilla with a dose of amber or leather, white lily of the valley, mandarin and patchouli are some of the most suitable perfumes for Cancerians.


In order to light up their personalities, Leos can wear perfumes with shades of lemon, neroli, cardamom, bergamot, rose, jasmine, jasmine sambac and ambrette seed.


Fresh and mil shades of rose, mandarin, neroli and lily are the most apt ones for Virgo people to attract the opposite sex. Any classic and mild shade would go well for Virgo people.


 Cheerful and bubbly shades of fragrances like fruity-floral, a mix of grapefruit, iris, and rose and any other mischievous shade of perfume is considered to be apt for Librans. However care should be taken to ensure that they don’t overdo their bubbly tone.


Passionate, sensual, mischievous, attractive floral and musk perfumes like woody notes, vetiver, spicy black pepper, musk and chocolate are the ones most suitable for Scorpios.


A beautiful combination of honeycomb, cypress and bay leaf is the most apt perfume for the ambitious and fiery Sagittarians.


Refreshing and clear fragrances like vetiver, pink wood, wood moss, jasmine, tobacco, leather, herbs, warm woods, green tea, honeysuckle, Tahitian Vanilla, iris and frankincense are the most apt for Capricorns.


Simple, elegant and classic perfumes like frankincense, sweet vanilla, citrus, lotus leaves, neroli, rosemary etc. prove to be great to increase their intellectual capacities and provide a calming effect on them.

These unique fragrances help people of various Zodiac signs to increase their personality skills and develop a positive approach towards life.