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Cosmic Colors Based on Your Zodiac Signs

Cosmic Colors Based on Your Zodiac Signs

In Vedic astrology, there is specific use of rituals, deities, mantras, colors and gems so that one adjusts to the environment positively. Colors as per Zodiac Sign are important. Moods, stars and colors are three different segments however in the complete spectrum of VIBGYOR, it must be noted why at some rime we might we have color preferences for few or one single color.


There is color therapy which is done for patients that suffer from certain color deficiency or are hungry for one color. These patients are advised to gain respective color balance which is done through stones or gems. These have concentrated color vibrations. Every days of the week is dedicated to specific color.

  • Monday – Slivery shade, light blue or white

  • Tuesday – Orange or red

  • Wednesday – Green

  • Thursday – Yellow

  • Friday- off White, cream or peach and pink

  • Saturday – Navy blue or black

  • Sunday – Orange or golden yellow etc

The color deficiency can also lead to disease of disbalance in our life. Every color has its own thought, movement and emotion association as per the alignment and sources. The effect and intensity of color is stronger if that color is living color.


Color for Zodiac Signs


Astrology mentions different Color for Zodiac Signs and tells us how these colors have impact on our life and particular planet.

  • Aries – The color linked with this sun sign is red – especially the blood red shade. This color is symbol of purity, aggression, activity and energy.

  • Taurus – White and pink are best suited for Taurus for these colors mean introvert and shy mood.

  • Gemini – Green color is their favorite meaning creativity, rejuvenation, growth etc.

  • Cancer – Sea green, blue and white are best suited for cancer. These colors mean caring and sensitive mood.

  • Leo – People of Leo sun sign, dress up with bold and bright colors like orange which means magnetic and charisma aura.

  • Virgo – Colors that appeal this sun sign are shades of green, pink, light blue and peach.

  • Libra – Librans must wear blue which is symbol of harmony and balance in different shades of life.

  • Scorpio – This sun sign people must wear red with shade of black, bottle green, purple, maroon and other bright shades. These colors are vivid and have significant appeal.

  • Sagittarius – Sagittarians prefer wearing yellow for it is symbol of happiness, good cheer, positivity and brightness.

  • Capricorn – People of this sun sign love stark combination of black and prefer reserve and serious colors however plain only.

  • Aquarius – People of this sun sign love wearing light and shaded colors which are mix of two colors like violet. Pieces – Best color for Pieces is yellow, peaches, white and light purple. 

Wearing Colors as per Zodiac Sign brings harmony and balance to one’s life.