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Compatibility of Pisces People with Other Zodiac Signs

Compatibility of Pisces People with Other Zodiac Signs

Pisces Zodiac Sign – General characteristics


People of Pisces Zodiac signs are one of the most empathetic of the lot. They are very loving, caring, and sympathetic & they expect the same from their partners. They drive their partners crazy with love. This makes falling in love with them both a pleasure and a pain. While they shower abundant love and care on you at all times, you must also remember that they expect you to love them back and reciprocate in the same way. This can get challenging and demanding at times.


Pisces Sun Sign Compatibility


If you are a Piscean or if you are dating a Piscean, you have to know about the following compatibility factors, so that relationships can get easy for you.


Best Match


Pisceans go perfectly well with these three Zodiac Signs:

  • Virgo – Pisceans and Virgos have lots of similarities and lots of differences as well. While the similarities are very pleasant, the differences are exciting and keep them going. The relationship between these two signs is simply “Bang-On”.

  • Cancer – Pisceans and Cancers get along like a house of fire. They are emotionally very supportive about each other and they are mature enough to ignore the differences between them.

  • Scorpio – While Scorpios carry grudges, Pisceans are absolutely non-judgemental. This opposite character is what makes this relationship strong, reliable, loyal and long-lasting.

Worst Match


Pisceans should stay away from these signs:

  • Aries – Arians can be very selfish, aggressive and can hurt the soft spoken and sympathetic Pisceans in a big way many a times, thereby making the relationship very rocky.

  • Gemini – Gemini people always come with dual personalities. They can change according to the situation; however Pisceans cannot. Gemini people do not have the honesty and sincerity that Pisceans crave for.

  • Leo – Leos are very dominating and can put down the emotionally weak Pisceans many times, thereby causing many rifts in their relationship.