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Compatibility of Capricorn People with Other Zodiac Signs

Compatibility of Capricorn People with Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorn Zodiac Signs


Capricorns are quite meticulous when it comes to their lives. They love to plan for everything – the best and worst. They do not like and do not know to handle surprises – pleasant and unpleasant. Therefore if you want to impress Capricorns, all you need to do is to get a structure in your life, stick to your words and in short, be as committed as possible. You will rub these people in the wrong way, if you do not apologise for your mistakes.


Compatibility factor for Capricorns


While Capricorns are quite easy to please as long as you remain committed to them, it does take them a long time to come out of any kind of insult, betrayal or injustice. Here are some of the best and worst matches when it comes to Capricorn Sun Sign Compatibility tests.


Best Matches

  • Taurus – Capricorns and Taurans make a very good pair, because the former are great planners and the latter are great action takers. This is a very good team, provided they know to live every moment and don’t get complacent at any moment.

  • Virgo – A stable relationship is guaranteed as both Capricorns and Virgos are very practical minded and approach life realistically.

  • Cancer – Though there are lots of differences between these two, life will be good, because they develop an instant sense of understanding and learn to appreciate the differences.

Worst Matches

  • Aries – Quite creative, Arians love to live in a fantasy world most of the times. Capricorns, on the contrary, are very practical and grounded. So the relationship between these two could go astray.

  • Leo – Capricorns are very committed and loyal in a relationship, whereas Leos love to experiment. Leos can love too many people; hence Capricorns can feel betrayed.

  • Gemini – The double-minded Geminis often try to get on the nerves of Capricorns by being too manipulative and behaving according to the situation.